Be Amazing! Professor Wacky's Seconds to Solve It Experiment Kit

Be Amazing Toys

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Be Amazing! Professor Wacky's Seconds To Solve It
by Be Amazing Toys

With Professor Wacky as your guide, you'll go through more than 7 different experiments and activities, all the while learning about Newton's Laws of Motion. Your little scientists will learn things like how to pull the tablecloth out from under a table setting, or discovering what spins better: a raw egg, or a hard-boiled egg. They'll even learn how to make a balloon scream with nothing but a hex nut!

The experiments all have step-by-step instructions from start to finish, and include a bit of background information about how things are happening the way they are. Just enough to pique the interest of your budding scientist and encourage them to try and take their explorations further by changing variables in the different experiments and seeing how they compare to the original.

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