Be Amazing! Action Bag Marshmallow Launcher Kit

Be Amazing Toys

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SKU: BAT2110

Marshmallow Launcher Kit
by Be Amazing!
Fun Facts About How Things Fly
Make Your Own Marshmallow Launcher!
Customize Your Launcher!
  A great gift for kids interested in science or just super cool things!  This kit is filled with hours of fun learning about how things fly - from a mini-marshmallow launched by your lungs to an awesome paper glider made just by you! You will have fun making and using your own marshmallow launcher (and decorating it with the supplied stickers and decals). Inside you will find dozens of ideas for making different launchers, paper airplanes, rockets and more while learning fun facts about flying things and air pressure.
Kit contains:
Storage Bag
Launcher Pieces
Decorative Stickers and Decals
Airplane Templates
Pom Poms (Marshmallows Not Included)
Ages 8 and up.

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