Astronaut Moon Walk 3D Motion Lenticular Bookmark by Artgame


$ 4.99 



Watch an astronaut make a space lunar walk and leave footprints. This spectacular 3D motion bookmark is made of the highest quality lenticular products on the market using cutting edge technology. No 3-D glasses required. This bookmark features artwork by the renowned New Zealand artist, Royce B. McClure, whose use of color and artistic style make the bookmark a personal work of art. McClure's book mark themes tend to be natural scenes including animals, pets, insects, dinosaurs, dragons or space. This colorful artwork has 3-D depth and motion so remarkable that scenes feel magically real enough to step into. The bookmark has a tassel at the top (tassel colors vary).


  • No 3D glasses required,
  • Dimension 6 L x 2.25 W inches,   
  • Tassle (colors vary),  
  • Designed by Royce B. McClure,
  • Made of sturdy plastic.

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