Asteroids and Meteorites - Laminated Science Poster 38x26"

Asteroids and Meteorites - Laminated Science Poster 38x26" - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts SALE
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American Educational Products, LLC.

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Asteroids & Meteorites

38x26" Laminated Science Astronomy Poster

from American Educational Products

Asteroids and Meteorites Science Poster--

  • the chemical relationship between asteroids and meteorites
  • the history of asteroids and meteorites
  • asteroid orbits
  • impact hazards and close approaches
  • famous asteroids and meteorites, and more

Editorial help: Dr. Steve Ostro, JPL Dr. Duncan Steel, University of Salford Dr. Richard Binzel, MIT Dr. David Kring, LPI Artwork by Dr. William Hartmann and Don Davis Laminated Concept, written & designed by Sarah Kennedy. 

  • Printed in full color and laminated for durability
  • Measures 38" wide by 26" tall

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