Art Emotions Kandinsky V-Cube 3 Puzzle Cube, with Flat Sides

Art Emotions Kandinsky V-Cube 3 Puzzle Cube, with Flat Sides SALE
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Bold color and abstract design meet smooth rotational puzzle with the Art Emotions Kandinsky V-Cube 3 Puzzle Cube. Known for being one of the first abstract artists, Russian painter Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky's combination of colors and concepts are revolutionary. This 2.24" rotational puzzle cube contains some of Kandinsky's most memorable pieces, which express the painter's inner experience. This challenging 3x3x3 puzzle is perfect for art lovers or collectors.

V-Cube products are a uniquely designed and constructed series of skill games. They are 3D mechanical cubic puzzles that rotate smoothly on the 3 based axes for the coordinate system. The smooth mechanism allows for easy movement when solving the puzzle. Each V-Cube comes complete with an instruction booklet and the solution to solving the puzzle.

  • The Kandinsky V-Cube 3 is a 3x3x3 art lovers cube puzzle from V-Cube
  • The Art Emotions series from V-Cube captures classic and modern masterpieces, perfect for art lovers and collectors
  • Revolutionary design and sturdy internal support create a smooth solving experience
  • Classic flat design, measures 2.24" x 2.24" x 2.24"

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