Aqua Crystal Earth Sphere & Stand - 35mm w/ Natural Earth Continents

Shasta Visions

$ 44.95 


Aqua Crystal Earth Sphere & Stand - 35mm (1.4 inch) w/ Natural Earth Continents

Made in the USA 

This amazing aqua crystal collectible shooter marble comes with a clear crystal stand.  The Earth can easily spin realistically on the polished base. You can explore this exquisitely accurate globe and discover hundreds of islands and rivers, lakes, ice-caps deserts, rain-forests and mountain ranges. Expertly hand fired in the USA this beautiful marble is destined to be passed down as a cherished keepsake for many generations. The geographic art is hand applied in an extremely delicate process, that is then placed by hand into a kiln that heats to over 1000º; the art then liquefies to the marble which creates a made to last a lifetime art glass marble! Comes to you in an attractive gift box.

Ages 5 and up

Part of ShastaVisions mission is to inspire caring for the world.

Imagine Peace on Earth...A portion of your purchase price is donated to peace and environmental organizations. 


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