Apache Tear Collector Mineral Obsidian Rock Glass Stone w Info Card

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  Apache Tear Collector Mineral Obsidian Rock
Glass Stone With Fact-Filled Information Card
In the 1870's, Pinal Apache Indians carried out raids against white farmers and friendly Pima Indians.  The Arizona Volunteers followed the Apaches on a  secret trail to the top of some rugged, towering cliffs.  They attacked at daybreak, killing more than half of the 75 Apaches.  The remaining Apaches chose to leap over the cliff's edge rather than to die at the hands of their attackers.  It is said that the Apache squaws' sorrow was so great that the Great Father embedded their tears into black stones at the foot of the cliff.  These black obsidian stones, when held to the light, reveal a translucent tear.
Obsidian is a natural glass, formed when molten lava, containing a high percentage of silica, erupted from a volcano and cooled quickly on the Earth's surface. Opaque when reflecting light translucent when held directly towards a source of light.
Picture is representative of the specimen you will receive.  Each rock is unique and will vary in shape, size and appearance.  No two rocks will be exactly alike.
 Quantity 1 Apache Tear about 1 inch in diameter and weighing 1.2 ounces.  Comes with info card about the stone.
Origin: North America
Ages 8 and up

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