Animation Praxinoscope 4M Optical Science Kit Optics

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Animation Praxinoscope
4M™ Kidz Labs™
Science Kit by Toysmith
Build a replica of an animation machine first invented 170 years ago! This is a great science kit to teach optics. Contains praxinoscope with light bulb (assembly required), ready-to-view animation movie disc and blank movie discs. Includes instructions. Learn optical principles which laid the theoretical backbone of modern animation and movies. Create your very own mini movies and invite your friends to attend a unique animation show.
Features a special light bulb allowing you to view the animation at night. You will be amazed by the simulated impression of early movies.
Kit Contains:
  • Full set Praxinoscope with light bulb installed (assembly required)
  • Ready-to-view animation movies disc 
  • Blank disc for creating your very own movies
  • Complete Instructions & Fact Sheet 

Requires Batteries (not Included)

This scientific toy with animated images relies in retinal persistence to make us believe we are seeing images in motion. The praxinoscope was patented by the Frenchman Emile Reynaud in 1877, who was looking to overcome the deficiencies of the zoetrope, which enjoyed enormous popularity at the time. His apparatus was the first to eliminate the distorted view of the images in movement caused by insufficient light passing through the small slots of the zoetrope. This improvement in the quality of the image resulted in immediate popularity for the praxinoscope.
A Great Optical Science Project!
Ages 7 and up

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