Animal Alphabet 24 Piece Supersized Floor Puzzle, by Ravensburger

Animal Alphabet 24 Piece Supersized Floor Puzzle, by Ravensburger - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts SALE
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Animal Alphabet Supersized Jigsaw Puzzle
by Ravensburger

Measuring 36x24", this floor puzzle features 24 pieces. Designed specifically to be manipulated by little hands that are lacking the manual dexterity of older children and adults, the 24 supersized pieces come together in the end to create a brightly colored display of various baby animals, each one as the basis for one of the letters of the alphabet. Every animal is pictured beside the letter, and features its name written as well.

Around since 1891, Ravensburger is known for their attention to detail. Each puzzle is made using their exclusively developed, extra-thick cardboard, and combined with a linen-structured paper on which the desired image is printed. This helps to create a glare-free puzzle image when it is finally complete. Each of their steel cutting tools are designed and crafted by hand, and are replaced after every 60,000 puzzles. This almost guarantees a perfect interlocking fit, and helps to ensure that no two pieces are alike.

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