AniMail 3-D Postcard Collectible Mailer Pig - Hogs and Kisses

Marky Sparky

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AniMail 3-D Postcard Collectible Mailer Pig

Hogs and Kisses


AniMails are adorable Plastic Animals that you can write on and mail without an envelope!   That's right, just like a post card.  Write your message on the surface with a permanent marker, add correct postage and drop it in the mail!  Sure to leave a lasting impression in the mind of the lucky recipient. Sending someone an AniMail is a unique way to say Get Well, Congratulations, I Love You, Happy Birthday or maybe just Hi!  It only costs between $2.44 and $3.00 to post this Hog!  Hog is sensitive. He spends hours every day just gazing up at the stars wondering how life began. If you're really quiet you can sometimes hear him mumbling ... chicken or.... egg or.... chicken or... egg.... One day he dreams of solving world hunger and curing swine flu. His tough exterior is only tempered by his very cute pink exterior. Hog is frightened by the "Big League Chew®" guy who always threatens to shred Hog because he looks like bubble gum. He likes to have his ears rubbed and if you draw something inside them, well that'll send him to hog heaven! Hog is also very ambivalent about his name, Hog or Pig. He can't decide on which. You pick!

Hogs and Kisses is from Marky Sparky...Low Tech Love That Will Last a Lifetime Also great for collecting Autographs! 

  • Phthalate and Latex free
  • Approximately 8 x 6 x 4 inches
  • Costs between $2.44 & $3.00 to mail

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