Andromedome - 3.75 Inch Planetary Embedment Paperweight

Andromedome - 3.75 Inch Planetary Embedment Paperweight - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts SALE
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Shasta Visions

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Andromedome - 3.75 Inch Planetary Embedment Paperweight

Hand Crafted in USA By Shasta Visions


This Lucite Embedment of heavenly bodies (Earth, Mars & Earth's Moon) is set against the backdrop of the Andromeda Galaxy. Space is the Place in this 1:300 million scale model. The planets suspended in the Andromedome are reproduced with amazing detail and accuracy. You can see the polar ice capson them! On Earth you can detect the major rivers and mountains. On Mars you can make out craters & volcanoes. The Earth's satellite, Moon, is also amazingly accurate... Note the craters, the Sea of Tranquility and much more! All these heavenly bodies are depicted in accurate scale. The bottom is engraved with statistical information relating to the scale of the contents, and the entire display is raised on little non-skid feet.

This impressive paperweight is hand made in the USA, expertly crafted to be passed down as a cherished keepsake for generations. Andromedome comes in a classic gift box with care instructions. "Give someone a little Space."

At Shasta Visions our mission is to inspire caring for the Universe by creating beautiful products that express love, build environmental awareness and communicate peace. We donate a portion of this sale to peace & environmental organizations, helping to change the World, one gift at a time!

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