Amazing Science Bucket 5lb Space Sand 5 Color Assortment

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  5 Lb Bucket Space Sand Five Color Assortment

Don't Miss out on this amazing Price for a 5lb Bucket of  Fun. You'll have hours of playtime with this one bucket containing  5 One pound packs.  Five colors Included in each Bucket: Red, Blue, Yellow,  Purple, Green; along with complete activity guide and instructions.

Space Sand truly is the closest thing to soil from Mars that most of us will ever experience! The soil on Mars is very similar to Space Sand in terms of properties and color. This unbelievable sand will not get wet and can be formed into shapes under water. Remove it from the water with a teaspoon and watch in amazement as it miraculously turns to completely dry sand! Like Magic!

There are many things you can do with Space Sand from making a sand raft to observing the silvery barrier that forms between the sand and the water as you explore its many uses from cleaning oil spills to improving the growth of plants. The informative information sheet explains it all and outlines tons of other fun experiments to do with Space Sand!

See the sensation that has been featured in countless media including Family Fun Magazine, and the Regis and Kelly Show. This amazing sand will not get wet-dump it in a glass of water, remove it with a spoon, and it will emerge completely dry! This sand is actually the closest thing to the sand on Mars! 

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