Air Power - Rocket Science Made Simple - Activity Book by Klutz


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Air Power- Rocket Science Made Simple
by Klutz 
This book is a total blast! Build a real, working Hovercraft, Hot Rod, Helicopter & Rocket! You can race your hot rod, glide your hovercraft, launch your helicopter and blast off your balloon powered rocket. Build and experiment; tinker and customize your creations for maximum zoom. You - yes, you can master the awesomeness of rocket power! Because rocket science is way too much fun to leave to the scientists.This Activity book includes: Hot Rod body & engine block, 8 wheels, foam wheel nuts, & 4 axles; a Hovercraft cockpit & body, thrust vent & sticker sheet; Rocket fins & tube; Helicopter blade assembly;Jumbo Straw for making blast pipes, and a plastic cap to reduce the blast; 2 Plastic mouthpieces, Three big balloons & 2 small balloons
48 Pages, Paperback
Author: Pat Murphy & the Scientists at Klutz Labs
Size: 8 x 9 inches
Recommended for Ages 8+
Klutz is known for:
  • Super clear instructions.
  • Open-ended creativity
  • Rewarding reading
  • Helping develop skills to build on
  • Providing nearly everything you need for your projects.

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