9 Inch Large Magic Marbles Kaleidoscope Viewing Toy NIGHT SKY Design


$ 9.99 
SKU: TSG89070

9 Inch Magic Marbles Kaleidoscope Toy
by Gemini 
 Made in USA
(9" Long x 1 1/2" Diameter)
Learn about optics and optical illusions with this Magic Marbles kaleidoscope toy with an OUTER SPACE theme. These Kaleidoscopes feature a  large 1.5 inch marble tip and combine the unlimited viewing patters of Mirror and Marble Teleidoscopes with the tumbling Jewel-like elements of a traditional Kaleidoscope.  This provides for a spectacular "best of both worlds" optical experience. These amazing kaleidoscopes actually display images of Planets& Space Themed Shapes through the viewer as well as decorating the outside.
These 9" scopes are made in the USA!.  The elements inside each kaleidoscope coordinate with the beautifully illustrated wraps and include elements of Space Themed Shapes! Bright colors and shapes play through the reflective surfaces of this kaleidoscope to form fantastic abstract images.  Comes in 2 designs.
Ages 5 and above.


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