86 inch Blue Surfboard Kite Supersized Nylon Kite w/Winder by Wind-n-Sun

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SKU: BSP72251


86 Inch Super Sized Blue Surf Board Nylon Kite
by Wind-n-Sun & the makers of X-Kites

Made of ripstop nylon stretched over a fiberglass frame,this flaming surfboard design reaches over 7.1 feet in length! It comes complete with a handle and 170 feet of 25 lb line. With a little assembly effort you will be ready to fly this huge kite!.The quick-clip attachment makes it easy to change out kites on the fly. The line-winder handle features small slots that let you lock in the line when you've reached whatever your desired flight altitude happens to be. This impressive board will soon be dancing and moving in the wind. It makes a great beach or seashore activity for the entire family.

*Color of kite varies between blue and purple and is chosen according to what is available in stock.

This kite is rated for wind speeds of 7-18mph.

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