8" Long Triceratops Dinosaur Action Figure w/Activity Book, by Dr. Cool

Dr Cool

$ 19.95 


8" Long Triceratops Dinosaur Action Figure
by Discover with Dr. Cool

A herbivore, the Triceratops gets its name from the 3 horns on its face. Translated in a literal sense, the name means "three-horned face". One of the most recognized of all dinosaurs because of its large, bony frill and the three horns on its face, as well as a prominent beak-like mouth. The species is considered to possess a number of similar characteristics to those of the modern-day rhinoceros.

This action figure has been hand-painted and is made out of a durable, non-toxic plastic. It features a moving jaw, and comes complete with a real piece of a dinosaur fossil. Two booklets are also included: the Adventure Guide, which features information and facts about the Triceratops, and the Activity Booklet with a number of different Triceratops-related activities to complete.

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