8" Long Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Action Figure w/Activity Book, by Dr. Cool

Dr Cool

$ 19.95 


8" Long Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Action Figure
by Discover with Dr. Cool

A quadrupedal dinosaur with a small skull and long neck, it featured a long and muscular tail and slender limbs. Estimated to weigh in at approximately 56.3 metric tons and be 26 meters long, the Brachiosaurus was unsuited for rearing up on its hind limbs, unlike its depiction in the movie Jurassic Park. 

This action figure has been hand-painted and is made out of a durable, non-toxic plastic, and comes complete with a real piece of a dinosaur fossil. Two booklets are also included: the Adventure Guide, which features information and facts about the Brachiosaurus, and the Activity Booklet with a number of different Brachiosaurus-related activities to complete.

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