6.5 Inch Rubber Decorative Peacock with Fantails Open

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6.5 Inch Rubber Decorative Peacock with Fantails Open


Peacocks are the national birds of India. They are extravagant and showy. But who can blame them? They are absolutely stunning and beautiful with array of greens, blues, oranges, and golds. Male peacocks are adorned with spectacular, fan-like rear feathers that can be opened and closed. When closed, the feathers make up a graceful train that glides behind the peacock. The open, spread-out tail feathers are certainly a sight to behold. Ornamented with beautiful eyespots, the male peacock's fanned-out feathers are used to attract females.

This beautiful 6.5 inch wide decorative peacock would look great on a shelf, mantle, or desk. This model peacock is made of durable rubber and thus will not break if dropped. It is beautifully and accurately painted front and back. Display this colorful piece in your house as a beautiful accent to any shelf!

Measures approximately 5.25 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide.

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