54" Tie-Dyed TD-4.5 Delta Kite w/500 Feet of Kite String

Saturnian 1

$ 21.95 


54" Tie-Dyed TD-4.5 Delta Kite
by Saturnian 1

This kite takes to the air with style and grace. With its tough, durable nylon sail stretched over a sturdy wooden frame, its brightly tie-dyed colors fly and dance in the sky. It features a 4.5 foot (54") wingspan, with a reinforced nose and pockets to ensure the dowels stay in place. Shaped in a delta, it is an extremely good flyer, and easy to handle for kite enthusiasts and beginners a like. It comes complete with a 500 foot spool of 30lb kite string, though we do recommend upgrading from the spool to a more comfortable winder or handle.

It comes complete with a nylon pouch to keep the kite protected when not in use.

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