52 inch Atlantis Space Shuttle FlightZone Nylon Kite w/Winder by Wind-n-Sun


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SKU: BSP71204A

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Made of ripstop nylon stretched over a fiberglass frame, the Spaceshuttle Atlantis kite features a 52 inch wide wingspan. It comes complete with a handle and 125 feet of 25 lb line, making it ready to fly as soon as you get it assembled. This large spacecraft kite represents one of the retired NASA reusable spaceships that helped America and the international community build the Space Station. The included quik-clip system allows you to switch out kites on the fly, and the handle features small slots that let you lock in the line when you've reached whatever your desired flight altitude happens to be. A pair of sky-tails extends outwards from the back of the kite to provide stability while your kite dances and moves in the wind.. This kite is rated for wind speeds of 7-18mph.

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