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5 Piece Child's Cookie Cutter Set for Boys or Girls

from Curious Chef

With this 5 Piece Cookie Cutter Sett, your youngster will be prepared to help when it comes to making cookies  Kids cannot resist an invitation help out in the kitchen making treats,  especially with their very own Curious Chef kitchen tools. these specialty utensils are safe, sturdy and designed specifically to do the job of Shaping everyone'favorite: COOKIES!

This Set Includes:  

  • 5 Big  Colorful Cookie Cutter Molds; Each Approx. 4 Inches Across
  • Yellow Duck, Purple Butterfly, Green Star, Red Heart  & Blue Bear


 While there are many cooking sets on the market, most are miniaturized or "toy-like" versions of the original. Curious Chef takes pride in being real, functional, high quality, and safe for kids. Curious Chef is the only line of kids cooking tools made specifically for children ages 4 and up.  The Curious Chef line consists of whisks that whip, rolling pins that roll, and knives that actually cut (and are safe)!  The line offers extensive safety features and the handle designs were actually chosen by a kindergarten classroom.

Curious Chef is a line of real kitchen tools for kids.


Recommended for ages 4 and up with adult supervision

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