5.5" Alezan Thoroughbred Mare - Realistic Horse Animal Replica, by Papo


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5.5" Alezan English Thoroughbred Mare - Realistic Horse Animal Replica
by Papo

In France they call this coloration alezan, In England its chestnut and in America it is known as sorrel. Regardless of the country, it is a horse with a copper colored coat. This figure is a Alezan colored Thoroughbred horse of the female gender... and a fine looking one at that!

Made of heavy-duty rubber, this lifelike figure has been painstakingly hand-painted, with an extraordinary amount of detail being applied in both the sculpting and painting process.This fine little animal stands about 4 inches tall and measures approximately 5.5 inches long

Papo has been in the business of creating figures for almost 20 years, and maintains dedicated to producing a top of the line product which will stand the test of time, being passed from one generation of inquisitive minds to the next. Safety to them is a central priority, and something that they start looking at even in the initial design phase. All of their model figures are manufactured following strict compliance with international safety rules, are are tested by approved laboratories.

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