4M KidzLabs Diving Octopus Science Kit

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Diving Octopus Cartesian Diver Kit
by Toysmith

The KidzLabs diving octopus is a great visual upgrade to the traditional cartesian diver experiment. With a small plastic ring around the base that features 4 moving legs and a pair of "diving goggles", watch as the legs extend as the octopus dives, and contract as it rises to the surface. This is an excellent tool to demonstrate to students the concepts of fluid dynamics, as well as density and pressure. All you need is an empty soda bottle and water to make the octopus swim up and down, just by squeezing the bottle.

As you squeeze the bottle, the pressure inside of it increases, compressing the air inside the octopus' body and allowing water to enter. This makes the octopus become heavier, and sink towards the bottom of the bottle. By releasing your grip on the bottle, the pressure drops and the air inside the octopus expands, expelling some of the water and causing it to rise to the surface.

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