4M Dig a Dinosaur Skeleton - Velociraptor

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Dig a Dinosaur Skeleton - Velociraptor
by 4M/Toysmith

With the Dig a Dinosaur kit from 4M and Toysmith, you'll get to be a top paleontologist! Use the included tools to carefully dig around and brush off the bones that are hidden within the plaster block. Once you've excavated all of them, assemble the new-found skeleton of a Velociraptor and place it on the display platform for everyone to see. There are a total of six dinosaurs in the set; collect them all and have your own personal museum right in the comfort of your bedroom!

Popularized in pop culture by its prominent role in the Jurassic Park movie franchise, the name Velociraptor can be loosely translated into "swift seizer", "swift robber" or "swift plunderor". It is actually a genus, with the species name being Velociraptor mongoliensis, or V. mongoliensis. A skull and its trademark hooked claw were the first known fossils of V. mongoliensis, discovered in 1923 by Peter Kaisen in the Gobi Desert. Perhaps the most famous find ever for this species was the "Fighting Dinosaurs", discovered in 1971 by a Polish-Mongolian team, which had a single Velociraptor and a Protoceratops locked in battle, even in death. This particular find is considered to be a Mongolian national treasure and has been loaned out to other countries for various dinosaur exhibits,including to the American Museum of Natural History in 2000 for a temporary exhibit.

Assembled, the skeleton is approximately 21cm in length.

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