4D Master PIG 3D Puzzle Anatomy Model

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4D Master PIG 3D Puzzle Anatomy Model 
By 4D Vision

  Pigs are artiodactyls mammals, which are also called swine or hogs.  It is a very common farm animal that mainly supplies meat (pork), leather and bristly hairs which are used in brush production.  A male pig is called a boar, a female pig is called a sow and a baby pig is called a piglet.  A sow can carry 8 to 12 fetuses in one litter and can bear 2 litters a year. Each newborn piglet weighs about 3 lbs (1.4 kg) The pigs in the wild are called wild boars. Their shape is different from farm pigs with longer, tough hair and 2 long tusks in the lower jaw. 
This realistic replica, biological, anatomical 3D puzzle features:


  • Realistic & detailed coloring,
  • Detachable organs & body parts,
  • Detachable full skeleton,
  • Transparent half body,
  • 19 parts, with stand& Illustrated Guide Book,
  • Completed puzzle stands approximately 3  inches (8mm) tall x 6 inches (15 mm) long.
Ages 8+

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