44 Inch Wind 'N Sun Wind Force Stealth Fighter 3-D Nylon Kite

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44 Inch Wind 'N Sun Wind Force Stealth Fighter Jet - 3-D Nylon Kite
by WindNSun

Made of ripstop nylon stretched over a fiberglass frame, the Stealth kite features a 44 inch wingspan. The frame puffs out the fabric, turning it into a 3-D kite. It comes complete with a handle and 125 feet of 25lb line, making it ready to fly as soon as you get it into the open. The included quikclip system allows you to switch out kites on the fly, and the handle features small slots that let you lock in the line when you've reached whatever your desired flight altitude happens to be. A pair of skytails extend outwards from the back of the kite, dancing and moving in the wind.

This kite is rated for wind speeds of 7-15mph.

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