4 inch Kaleidoscope Viewer Toy: Frogs or Toads Nature Scope


$ 9.99 
SKU: TSG89018

 Kaleidoscope Toy Nature Scope
Frogs or Toads
by Gemini 
 Made in USA
(4" Long x 1 1/2" Diameter)
Learn about optics and optical illusions with this classic kaleidoscope toy with a natural twist. These  amazing kaleidoscopes actually display images of Frogs or Toads through the viewer as well as decorating the outside.
These 4" scopes are made with kraft paper for a natural feel.  The elements inside each kaleidoscope coordinate with the beautifully illustrated wraps and include custom image disks and unusual beads. All depicting images of wondrous natural Toads or Frogs. Bright colors and shapes play through the reflective surfaces of this kaleidoscope to form fantastic abstract images.  Comes in 2 designs. We will select yours from our in-stock supply. If you order more than one we will send a variety.
Ages 5 and above.
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