3D Holographic Glasses w Patriotic Frame-See USA at Any Bright Point of Light-10 pack

American Paper Optics

$ 14.95 

Holographic Glasses USA Hologram  Lenses in American Flag Design Frames, 10 pack
These eye-opening glasses have specially treated lenses that enhance all fireworks shows, laser displays, and holiday lights. They bend the light of  the fireworks (and other lights) to create a magical and  patriotic 3D holographic pattern that shows "USA". Only with  these glasses will you be  able to  view beautiful USA images with  each  burst  of  light.,  That is right! each point of light that you see is transformed into a hologram that spells out USA! each pair of lenses is encased in a colorful US Flag graphic depicting Old Glory.  What a patriotic way to view fireworks or any light show.
 3D Holographic glasses are the light show for your face. Be amazed--  Watching fireworks, or even,  looking at a chandelier  will never be the same! Great for civic and charity groups, educational and scientific applications, party favors and patriotic holidays.
This listing is for 10 pairs of USA glasses.

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