3D Art Pad Bugs 4M Kit

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3D Art Pad Bugs 4M Kit

By 4M


Create your own 3D TV experience with this cool 3D Art Pad kit! With three different 3D fun-popping activities, you are sure to have hours of fun with this Bug themed poster, doodle, and sticker kit!

Activity 1: This kit contains five 3D Bug posters that will pop out like magic when you look at them through the 3D glasses. Draw in the background of these posters with the included felt-tip pen and your drawings will come to life in 3D too! Remove the finished creation from the art pad to make an awesome 3D poster for your bedroom!

Activity 2: There are 11 pages of 3D backgrounds in this kit! Doodle and draw on them with the felt-tip pen. Your creations will spring to life when viewed through the 3D glasses!

Activity 3: Use the included set of stickers on your posters or background pads and they will float off the page like magic! Also use your own stickers and they will also come to life when viewed through the 3D glasses! 

Contents include 16-page 3D art pad, 3D glasses, 1 felt-tip pen, and 1 set of stickers. For ages 5 and up.

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