3D Angle Light by Toysmith

3D Angle Light by Toysmith
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The modern yet unique design of this 3D Angle Light creates an optical illusion that’s easy on the eyes. It's actually 2D, but it appears 3D! You can have the full effect of a lampshade, but the space saving power of the flat acrylic glass sheet gently lit by warm LED bulbs. The lamp is held by a wooden arm on a cream painted metal base plate, the design is versatile, and with a USB power input you can take this little gem wherever you like! It even has a handy power button situated on the cable itself. USB cord included. Easy to assemble and disassemble. 3D angle light stands 11-1/2" tall. 

  • Awesome 2D light that looks like it's 3D!
  • This unique 3D angle light stands 11-1/2" tall.
  • Stylish, cool and unique
  • Lamp head made from acrylic glass
  • Powered by USB, USB cord included

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