38" Windfoil Frameless Ripstop Nylon Kite by X-Kites - Rainbow Stripes

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Rainbow Stripes Windfoil - Frameless Nylon Kite
by X-Kites

Lightweight and frameless, the Windfoil is ready to fly right out of the box. All you need is a little bit of wind beneath your wings, and you can soar off into the sky. This brightly colored kite is easy to spot in the sky, and just as easy to fly. It includes a basic winder system, complete with 120 feet of 25lb test line. The quikclip system means there's no fumbling around as you try to tie your kite to the line, and makes switching out to another kite a snap.

Measuring 38 inches wide, the Windfoil kite is rated for winds ranging from 7-18 miles per hour (11-29km/h).

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