36 Inch Inflatable Political Globe with Base

Jet Creations

$ 49.95 


 36 Inch Inflatable Political Globe with Base

By Jet Creations


Jumbo-sized 3 foot diameter inflatable globe is great for play and learning. This may seem incredibly large, but remember that our Earth's actual diameter is 502,212,598 inches but good luck inflating something that size! This globe features a geopolitical view of the earth. It shows countries, their borders, and hundreds of cities and points of interest. This durable, beautiful globe can be played with or hung up from the ceiling for an eye-catching display.  It’s a great way for young explorers to learn more about the world! Use it in the house, on the beach, or even in the classroom! Comes with an inflatable base. Measures 36 inches in diameter when fully inflated. For ages 6 and up.

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