305 Inch Long WindnSun Supersized Multi-Colored Nylon Serpent Kite

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$ 44.95 
SKU: BSP72221


Multi-Colored Supersized Serpent Kite
by WindNSun

Made of ripstop nylon that has been stretched over a fiberglass frame to give the head some shape, the rest of this enormous kite trails behind it as a long and multi-colored tail. From end to end, it measures 305 inches (25.4 feet) in length. The supersized Serpent kite comes complete with 170 feet of 25lb kite line attached to a basic hand winder. The included quikclip system allows you to swap out kites on the fly, while not having to switch handles. A hooked "T" in the middle of the handle allows you to lock in the line when you've gotten the kite flying at your desired altitude.

This kite is rated for wind speeds of 7-18mph.

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