30 Inch X-Kites Magenta Stunt Diamond Kite w/Double Handles & Line

Brainstorm Products

$ 15.95 
SKU: BSP82133


Magenta Stunt Diamond Kite
by X-Kites

With its durable poly-sail material stretched out over a sturdy fiberglass frame, the Stunt Diamond is a great starter kite for anyone looking to get into stunt flying. Its diamond shape measures 30" in width, and features a dual-line system that connects the kite to the dual handles with 120 feet of 25lb test line. The dual handles can be used to control each line separately, or connected together for increased control and power during dive and turn maneuvers. It also features a long tail, which will dance and swirl behind the diamond kite as it soars through the air.

This kite is rated for wind speeds of 8-18mph.

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