3 Colored Quartz Gemstone Crystals w/ bag

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Squire Boone Village

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Earth Exploration Co.
   3 Pieces of Colored Quartz Gemstone Crystals w/ bag
Includes Special Storage Bag
Squire Boone Village

   Rock crystal quartz, the most common gem variety of quartz crystal, is, like all quartz, formed from the two most abundant elements in the earth's crust: silicon and oxygen. For centuries early civilizations believed that these pinhead size to nearly a meter in diameter rock crystals were permanently frozen ice. Quartz's high thermo-conductivity, which makes it feel cool to the touch, may have added to this belief.
     These unpolished quartz gemstones have been colored to add beauty and unique color properties within the stones. 
     Regardless of what early people may have believed, historical records show the use of rock crystal for decoration and jewelry for at least 4,000 years. Tools and weapons were made from rock crystal long before it was used for decoration and jewelry.
This faux-Suede bag; stamped with the OnLineScienceMall logo contains 3 crystals  of a variety of colors in varying sizes. Average weight of these 3 pc collections is 4 ounces or more.
Bag color will be chosen at random unless a specific color is specified.  The bag colors include red, black, green, pink, and blue.

We also offer these beautiful Colored Quartz collections in one pound quantities.
Ages 10 and up

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