3" Basset Hound - Realistic Animal Replica, by Papo

3" Basset Hound - Realistic Animal Replica, by Papo - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts SALE
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Basset Hound - Realistic 3 Inch Dog Replica 
by Papo

The popular Basset Hound has a long body, short legs and long, floppy years. Above all however, what makes the Basset Hound so unique are its gentle eyes and sad expression ! Originating from Great Britain, the Basset Hound is a breed of hunting dog used for its scenting ability and its sheer determination. This is a very hardy dog and consequently used for hunting in packs, during which its deep, throaty bark can be heard. It has a smooth short-haired coat and is generally a mixture of three colors (black, white and brown). Its short tail, which is always cheerfully twitching, gives a true indication of its character which is actually very lively and cheerful. Behind its sad expression hides a gentle, friendly and very playful dog. Very popular as household pets, its placid character helps it adapt marvelously to family life.

Made of heavy-duty rubber, this lifelike figure has been painstakingly hand-painted, with an extraordinary amount of detail being applied in both the sculpting and painting process. This canine figure measures approximately 3 inches long from tip of nose to end of tail; the friendly pooch is about 1.5 inches tall. and 1 inch wide.


Papo has been in the business of creating figures for almost 20 years, and maintains dedicated to producing a top of the line product which will stand the test of time, being passed from one generation of inquisitive minds to the next. Safety to them is a central priority, and something that they start looking at even in the initial design phase. All of their model figures are manufactured following strict compliance with international safety rules, are are tested by approved laboratories.

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