3/4" Lucite Embedment Marble w Golden Cockchafer Beetle - Bug Inside


$ 5.75 

3/4" Lucite Marble with Golden Cockchafer Encapped - Bug Inside

(Quantity of 1)

Participate in one of America's classic games of strategy while also enjoying the beauty of nature!!!  Each sphere is made of hand crafted lucite which encases an actual real insect specimen: Golden Cockchafer.

Other choices are available featuring the following insects:
  • Golden Scorpion
  • Flower Scarab Beetle
  • Blue Leaf Beetle
  • Fortune Beetle
  • Weevil Snout Beetle
  • Big Head Ant
  • Ladybird Beetle
  • Spotted Ground Beetle
  • Shining Leaf Beetle
  • Blue Cockchafer Beetle
  • Stripe Bug
  • Snout Beetle
  • Price is PER MARBLE

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