22mm Handmade Art Glass Flower Marbles- Pack of 5 w/Stands Set C Iris Lotus & more

House of Marbles

$ 29.95 

At 22mm (Approx..86 inch) in diameter, these lovely marbles are individually hand-crafted from art glass. Each one features a unique blend of hand crafted colored glass. Each one represents a different natural floral beauty. What a great way to start or add to your handmade marble collection! This set includes one each of the following: Iris Lotus Clematis Hibiscus Water Lily Hand crafted marbles will exhibit a “pontil” mark where the marble was attached to the “punt” during the creative process. This is not a flaw or damage to the marble, but an indication of the individually crafted art glass manufacture process. The “punt" scar indicates that the glass was blown freehand. Each and every one of these hand made marbles will display a "punt" or "pontil" mark. Because each one is handmade, no two marbles of a given pattern will be exactly the same. 5 stainless steel ring stands are included with each set of marbles.

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