25mm Glass Mega Marble Shooter Variety Pack w/ Marble Stands - Set 1

25mm Glass Mega Marble Shooter Variety Pack w/ Marble Stands - Set 1 SALE
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25mm Glass Mega Marble Shooter Variety Pack
Set of 14 Different Shooters

by Mega Marbles


At 25 mm (Approx .98 inch) in diameter, these lovely shooter sized, glass marbles are a great way to start or add to your marble collection! They represent 14 individual patterns of bright, no-fade glass. Individually, each is a study in the variety of possibilities when it comes to glass marble manufacture. Together they will provide you with a marvelous and diverse glass marble collection! We include a pack of 10 Marble Display rings to assist you with exhibiting your favorites!

This set includes one each of the following (as pictured):

  • Fire Fighter - Red w/White Swirls
  • Sun -  Yellow w/Red swirls
  • Caterpillar - Yellow w/Brown & Black Swirls - Matte Finish
  • Butterfly - Mint Green w/Blue & Black Swirls
  • Zebra - Black w/White Swirls
  • Tiger Shark - Pearly White w/Blue & Teal Swirls - Iridescent Finish
  • Bengal Tiger - Orange w/Black Swirls
  • Asian Elephant - Grey w/White Swirls  
  • Dragonfly - Transparent Dark Blue w/Light Blue & Orange Swirls
  • Serpent - Sky Blue w/Brown & Yellow Swirls
  • Jungle - Transparent Green w/White & Orange Swirls
  • Galaxy - Black w/Splatters (Colors May Vary From Pictured)
  • Cat's Eye Tri-Color - Clear Glass w/Traditional "Cat's Eye" Swirl (Colors Vary)
  • Tarantula - Grey w/Black Swirls - Matte Finish
  • A pack of 14  half inch (15mm) marble display rings

Images represent examples of the patterns of glass marbles listed. No two marbles of a given pattern will be exactly the same.

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