22 Inch Jumbo Pteranodon Replica by Mamejo Nature

Phil Seltzer

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Rule the prehistoric skies with this 22 inch Jumbo Pteranodon Replica by Mamejo Nature.

The pteranodon is one of the biggest flying reptiles from the pterosaur order, with a wingspan that could measure up to 20 feet. Although it had no teeth in its bony beak, this amazing creature was a carnivore who might have hunted by scooping its prey much like a pelican does. 

More pteranodon fossil specimens have been found than any other pterosaur. Pterosaurs were winged reptiles that were not technically dinosaurs, but they have been closely associated with dinosaurs. Pteranodons lived during the late Cretaceous period in North America, about 80 to 85 million years ago.

The high quality and detailed figure is constructed of heavy duty, durable rubber. Teachers and parents will love collecting these amazing models to educate children about a variety of species from around the world and throughout history. Animal toys are a classic playtime activity for kids, and these replicas are ideal gifts for a child who loves to discover and learn about all types of creatures!

  • Pteranodon replica has an incredible 22" wingspan and stands almost 10" tall
  • High quality, detailed figure is constructed of heavy duty, durable rubber
  • Perfect for children who love prehistoric creatures 
  • Parents and teachers will love these replicas to educate and inspire imagination in every child

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