2016 Moon Calendar Card Phases and Eclipses

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2016 Moon Calendar Card Phases and Eclipses

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The 2016 Moon Calendar card is the 34th edition of Kim Long's classic moon calendars. Showcasing what phase the moon will be on each day in the year 2016, this card is a handy item to tack up on your wall in your office or stick to your refrigerator at home. Along with the phases, this card also indicates when there will be lunar and solar eclipses. Easy-to-read, detailed data for New Moons, First Quarter, Full Moon, and Last Quarter, as well as the eclipses, Perigee, and Apogee times is featured on the back of the card and is provided by the US Naval Observatory.

A great gift for kids, fishermen, sportsmen, sky watchers, astronomers, and many others. Whatever your reasoning for moon watching, this card is the perfect informational companion!

Includes 1 Moon Calendar card that measures approximately 10 x 7 inches.

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