Electronic Voice Transformer - 3 Voice Effects - Colors Vary

Electronic Voice Transformer - 3 Voice Effects - Colors Vary - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts
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Electronic Voice Changer

Three Colors - Green, Blue and Orange

Voice Amplifier with 3 different voice effects

Three different voice effects: Robot, Alien, and Spaceman


Electronic Voice Transformer - Pretend you're an invincible robot or a scary alien. -- The electronic voice transformer is an electronic bull-horn like device. It's mission - to take your normal everyday speaking voice and transform it into something completely different. -- Ever wonder how you would sound as a foreigner... a foreigner visiting planet Earth? Just speak into one end of the device, press a trigger and become the crazy creature you've always dreamed of. -- This voice transformer is sure to provide hours of fun for all ages. Use it hanging out with your friends or at the next costume party.

These voice colors come in three translucent colors - Orange, Blue and Green. Each translucent body allows you to see all the electronic components of the toy. Color chosen randomly at time of shipping. If you like a specific color, please make note of it at checkout.

  • Measures 8" across and 6.5" tall
  • Requires one 9V battery (included)

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