2 Double Action Air Balloon Pumps with 21 Rocket Balloons Set


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2 Double Action Air Balloon Pumps With 21 Rocket Balloons Set
These balloons are great for kids group activities in the classroom, camp, or just plain ole fun at home.  The rocket balloons come in 6 different colors: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and pink, all with cool stripes!  This set includes 2 sturdy balloon pumps one yellow and one red.  Two kids can enjoy inflating and launching their rocket balloons into the air.  Additional balloon pumps are available so that even more kids can join in on the fun!
After inflating the balloons, let them go and watch them zoom! As the balloons rocket into the air they make a cool screaming noise! Inflating balloons is easy with the included pumps, care not to over pump the tubular rocket balloons. Balloon rockets can be used again and again! What a great way to teach about air pressure, ballistics and propulsion. Not just that, it's plain fun.
By using the pumping apparatus physical force is applied to force air into the walls of the balloons.  Forcing air into this confined area causes pressure to build within the balloon.  In turn, the pressure within the balloon is greater than that of the natural pressure of the surrounding atmosphere outside of the balloon.  Once air flow is released the air inside rushes out through the special nozzle on the rocket balloons in order to normalize with the surrounding atmospheric pressure and by force the balloon is propelled upwards in the process.  Let gravity bring the Rocket Balloon down again and just repeat the fun!
Ages 8 and up.
High Quality Pumps Made in Canada
Pumps Measure 11.5 inches compressed, 16.5 inches extended with 2 inch diameter.
Additional pumps available on other listings.

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