18 Inch Jumbo Velociraptor Replica by Mamejo Nature

Phil Seltzer

$ 26.95 
SKU: PHSE32002


The 18 inch Jumbo Velociraptor Replica by Mamejo Nature appears ready to hunt with its fearsome sharp claws.

The velociraptor has been made famous to the general public due to its prominent role in the Jurassic Park movie series. The most recognizable feature of this prehistoric carnivore is the large, sickle-shaped claw on the feet of its hind legs. Able to be held retracted off the ground, it could grow to over 2.6" long around the outer edge and was used as a weapon to take down its prey.

One fossil specimen is the remains of a velociraptor that appears to be locked in combat against a Protoceratops, both of them having succumbed to their wounds.

The high quality and detailed figure is constructed of heavy duty, durable rubber. The claws are flexible and have no sharp points. Teachers and parents will love collecting these amazing models to educate children about a variety of species from around the world and throughout history. Animal toys are a classic playtime activity for kids, and these replicas are ideal gifts for a child who loves to discover and learn about all types of creatures!

  • Velociraptor replica measures about 18" long from tip to tail and stands almost 11" tall
  • High quality, detailed figure is constructed of heavy duty, durable rubber
  • Flexible claws with no sharp points
  • Perfect for children who love prehistoric creatures 
  • Parents and teachers will love these replicas to educate and inspire imagination in every child

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