18 Inch Jumbo Stegosaurus Replica by Mamejo Nature

Phil Seltzer

$ 26.95 
SKU: PHSE32003


Get your hands on one of the giant lizards of the Jurassic period with this 18 inch Jumbo Stegosaurus Replica by Mamejo Nature.

The stegosaurus was a large quadrupedal herbivore easily identified by its short legs, long tail tipped with spikes, and a humped back  topped with two rows of broad, upright plates. In fact, it is these bony plates that give the stegosaurus its name, as it means "covered lizard." These plates were most likely used for heat regulation. The tail spikes were used to defend itself from predators that lived alongside this large creature, during the late Jurassic period approximately 150 million years ago.

The high quality and detailed figure is constructed of heavy duty, durable rubber. Teachers and parents will love collecting these amazing models to educate children about a variety of species from around the world and throughout history. Animal toys are a classic playtime activity for kids, and these replicas are ideal gifts for a child who loves to discover and learn about all types of creatures!

  • Stegosaurus replica measures 18" long from its nose to its spiky tail and stands almost 7" tall
  • High quality, detailed figure is constructed of heavy duty, durable rubber
  • Perfect for children who love prehistoric creatures 
  • Parents and teachers will love these replicas to educate and inspire imagination in every child

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