18 Inch Baby Monitor Lizard Replica by Mamejo Nature

Phil Seltzer

$ 13.95 
SKU: PHSE22200


The 18 Inch Baby Monitor Lizard by Mamejo Nature is a beautiful lifelike replica of this amazing dragon-like large reptile that is native to Africa, Asia, and Australia. The most famous of the Monitor Lizards is the Komodo Dragon which can grow up to 10 feet long!

The high quality and detailed figure is constructed of heavy duty, durable rubber and measures approximately 18 inches long from the tip of the tail to the tongue, making it perfect for animal kingdom play and education.

Teachers and parents will love collecting these amazing models to educate children about a variety of species from around the world. Animal toys are a classic playtime activity for kids, and these replicas are ideal gifts for a child who loves to discover and learn about all types of creatures!

  • Baby monitor lizard replica measures 18" long from tip of tongue to tail
  • Monitor lizards belong to the family Varanidae and can be found in Africa, Asia and Australia
  • High quality, detailed figure is constructed of heavy duty, durable rubber
  • Parents and teachers will love these replicas to educate and inspire imagination in every child

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