13 Butterfly Specimens in Single Frame 7 x 23.5 Inches


$ 149.95 

13 Butterfly Specimens in Single Frame
 7 x 23.5 Inches
This frame contains 13 beautiful butterfly specimens artfully arranged to contrast the details of each butterfly. Specimens are suspended between clear glass panels to provide an illusion of flight.  
The 13 types of butterflies in the assortment vary but may include:

The Lemon Emigrant (m)
The Common Morman
The Cruiser
The Great Egg-fly
The Common Tiger
The Common Morman (f)
The Common Jay
The Leopard Lacewing
The Tawny Rajah (f)
The Lemon Emigrant
The Tawny Rajah
The Dark Blue Tiger
The Glassy Tiger
The Lime Butterfly
The Striped Blue Crow

With this purchase you are buying an assortment of 13 specimens.
Measurements of each frame:
7 x 23.5 Inches
Frame is wall mountable.

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