12" x 14" Lighted Infinity Mirror - Infinite Tunnel of Lights


$ 79.95 
SKU: AMS336100

Framed Infinity Mirror
12"x14" Hangable Electrical Optical Illusion
Switched off it looks like a normal mirror.  Turn it on for an infinite tunnel of lights.  The ring of lights reflect infinitely between the two mirrors for a mesmerizing optical illusion.  As you move, the "tunnel" seems to move too!  In this light-ray diagram, the solid lines show the actual path of the light rays projected by your brain.  You see imaged where the dashed lines come together.  The light ray diagram shown in the photos shows the rays that come from the front of an object and those that come from the back.  After the first reflection, you see one image in each mirror where the dashed lines come together.  After the second reflection, you see a second image in each mirror, and so on.  As you look at the images formed in one of the mirrors on the diagram, notice that there is an alternation of front and back views, that the images appear to be grouped in pairs and that a front side is always facing a front side and a back side is always facing a back side.  This corresponds to what you actually observe in the mirrors.
  • Metallic finish sturdy plastic frame
  • Approximately 12" x 14"

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