12 Neon Bubble Wands 24 Inches Great for Parties

12 Neon Bubble Wands 24 Inches Great for Parties - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts SALE
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Quantity:  Set of 12 Neon Bubble Wands.
You will receive a set of 12 Neon Bubble Wands that measure 24 inches long and come in a mixture of stars and flowers of assorted colors. Make millions and millions of bubbles with this Giant wand!  A favorite for parties...  fill a baby pool with bubble solution and let your guests dip away! There is no choice of style or color on this set. We ship them as they come from the manufacturer.
For even more fun, here's a great homemade receipe for bubbles...
Bubble Formula
12 Cups of Water
(distilled or purified water recommended)
3 Cups Liquid Soap
3/4th cup corn syrup
  • Mix together in a large container
  • Makes 1 gallon of bubble solution
  • Try to keep the bubble solution our of direct sunlight
  • Scrape the foam off the top of the bubble solution before you start

For Orders outside of the US:  We cannot ship these wands via First Class International due to their size. The package must go Priority International due to its length. Great for children aged 3 years and above. Not for children under age 3 years: small parts: choking hazard.

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