12 Gemstones: Mix, Dyed and Natural Tumbled/Polished w/Bag

12 Gemstones: Mix, Dyed and Natural Tumbled/Polished w/Bag - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts SALE
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Squire Boone Village

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Earth Exploration Co.
 12 Piece Gemstone Mix
 Dyed and Natural
Tumbled/Polished Gemstones W/Bag

Squire Boone Village

Visualize this...A 3 x 4 inch Faux Suede Bag....Packed with beautiful polished gemstones.  Ideal to develop  your mineral identification skills.  And when you have mastered that... you can craft the stones into memorable one of a kind works of art!
A collection of 12 quality natural stones that have been tumbled and polished. Some have been dyed to enhance their beauty. This colorful assortment of stones is perfect for jewelry, crafts, or home decor. Each collection averages 4 ounces in weight and arrives in a faux-Suede pouch stamped with the OnLineScienceMall logo.
Bag color will be chosen at random unless a specific color is specified.  The bag colors include red, black, green, pink, and blue.

Ages 10 and up
We also carry this gemstone assortment in one pound quantities that average over 40 pieces per pound.

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